Why Use Social Media?

Likes, check-ins, tweets, tags, hits, pokes... all of these words can be foreign to a lot of people, but they all have something in common that keeps everyone wanting more; social media. Social media has quickly been adapted by people of all ages and plays a major role in the daily activity of these people`s lives. 

Facebook is the second most visited website in America, slightly behind Google. Businesses everywhere want to tap into the opportunities that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and hundreds of other social media platforms have to offer. Besides, what other advertising or marketing allows you to connect and engage with your customers every day? That`s why social media icons are popping up everywhere; websites, billboards, commercials, there hasn't been a boundary yet to where you social media icon can't go. Every day over 150 million people log onto Facebook to interact with their friends, favorite businesses, brands, and organizations. Recent polls have shown that Facebook has had a significant amount of influence on people when deciding where to go to eat, shop, or choice of entertainment. Wouldn't you want your establishment to be one of them? Not only can you utilize Facebook to interact with customers and potential customers, but Facebook has offered several tools for businesses. Offer your loyal customers a "deal" and keep them coming back for more. Can`t decide what special should be on Tuesday night? Send out a "question" and instantly see what your customers want. Live music this Friday? Create an "event" and invite all of your fans. The possibilities are endless with Facebook Business Pages.

Still have no clue what we are talking about? That's why we can do it for you!  

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