Mitsubishi i vs. Nissan

 Leaf Not only is the Mitsubishi i the most affordable choice when choosing a hybrid, but it`s the best choice considering everything is included! When comparing the Mitsubishi i to the Nissan Leaf you're not only getting the best price; you're also getting the biggest bang for your buck. The Nissan Leaf starts off at the hefty price of $27,700, costing $6,075 MORE than the Mitsubishi i. With a low price of $21,625 (this includes $7500 tax credit), The Mitsubishi i offer`s you a lower price  per gallon, longer battery warranty, larger cargo, and lower annual electricity costs. The  Mitsubishi i beats the Nissan`s Leaf`s 99MPGe, and also makes the Mitsubishi i the most fuel-efficient vehicle tested by the EPA as well as one of the most-affordable electric cars in the U.S. market. Not too often is the cheapest, the best... in this case it is, see for yourself...

Mitsubishi i                                                                 Nissan Leaf
Net MSRP: $21,625(including $7500 tax credit)          Net MSRP: $27,700
MPGe: 112                                                                 MPGe :99
Battery Warranty:8yr/100,000mile  Battery Warranty:8yr/100,000mile
Emissions: Zero(ZEV)                                    Emissions:  Zero(ZEV)
 Max Cargo: 50.4 cu.Ft.                                  Max Cargo: 24.0 cu.Ft.
Annual Electricity Cost: $550              Annual Electricity Cost: $612

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