The Hottest Electric Car this Decade

The MiEV is Mitsubishi's new electric car and let me tell you, it is awesome! The MiEv is 100% electric which means that it will never produce any exhaust gas from its tailpipe or use a drop of gasoline. The engine has been replaced with a clean electric motor. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a whole new way to drive.
    I am not going to lie to you, the MiEV is not meant for long trips however if your everyday driving experience consists of driving to the office, picking up the kids from school and running a couple of errands then this car is ideal for you. Per charge you get about 62 miles which is perfect for a guilt-free day of getting things done without adding to the pollution that is already swirling around you.                           
    There are also tax credits that you can get when purchasing the Mitsubishi. Who would have thought? The IRS will give you a $7,500 tax credit for purchasing this new, Eco-friendly Mitsubishi i and another $1,000 for purchasing the EVSE 240V home charging dock. These are the incentives that the federal government is offering towards the purchase of an electric vehicle. So you get a great car, save the environment, and you get paid for it? I'll take it!
    When it comes to safety, rest assured. The RISE body has been designed to protect both the driver and the other passengers in the vehicle and has been engineered to meet all of the criteria for the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. With the Advanced Six-Airbag System, there is no need to worry, all is well when relaxing in the MiEV.    
    Take a look at the hottest electric car that this decade has ever seen. Saving the earth has never looked so good.

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