The NSX "Supercar"

The NSX "supercar" is a new and improved version of its older self. In 2005 Acura discontinued production of the NSX model and has yet to have a super car to call its own.  At the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, Acura presented the NSX concept, which is a direct-injected V-6 engine with a dual-clutch transmission and an electric motor. With this crucial combination the performance figures have met the expectations of all NSX fans and hybrid lovers. 
            The new NSX isn't just for driving on the road either. Its electric motor gives this car the ability to drive off the road with the all-wheel drive. There are not many smaller cars that have all-wheel drive and can drive great off road, until now. The new NSX has all new dimensions. It is 3.7 inches shorter and 3.3 inches narrower. The wheelbase is also 1.8 inches longer.
            The tires on the new NSX are unbelievable, they have 19-inch front tires and 20-inch rear tires, the NSX has a lower center of gravity and better handling capabilities. Its new dimensions add to this slick new version. The NSX is both quick and precise. Acura has not released figures but it seems as though the model will move into production sooner than expected. Estimates are showing the car will be available for sales in the U.S within three years, and will be produced here in the United States.

"For Acura designers and engineers, the NSX Concept is a chance to test the boundaries between evolution and revolution" (

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