National Puppy Day: Celebrating Our Furry Friends at Hanania Automotive Group

March 22nd, 2023 by

There’s nothing quite like the joy and excitement that a puppy brings into our lives. From their sweet faces to their playful personalities, puppies have a special place in our hearts. That’s why for this National Puppy Day Jack Hanania’s Subaru of Orange Park partnered up with Animal Control and Protective Services (ACPS) of Jacksonville, to host a dog adoption event! 

National Puppy Day is a day dedicated to celebrating puppies and raising awareness about the importance of adopting them from shelters and rescue organizations. At Hanania Subaru of Orange Park, as a part of our Love Promise, we are committed to changing the lives of our pets, and the families who adopt them. A special day dedicated to celebrating our loyal furry friends is a great way we can get started with bettering the life of the nearly 300 dogs who are currently residents of ACPS Jacksonville, Florida.

 Here are some reasons why we love puppies and why they deserve a special day of their own:

  • Puppies bring joy and happiness into our lives.

There’s no denying that puppies are cute and cuddly. They have a way of making us smile and feel happy, even on the toughest days. Their playful personalities and boundless energy are contagious, and they remind us to appreciate the simple things in life.

  • Puppies teach us important life lessons.

Puppies have a lot to teach us about life. They teach us to be patient, kind, and loving. They also teach us about responsibility, as we have to take care of them and ensure they are healthy and happy. Puppies can also teach us about resilience, as they bounce back from setbacks and keep going with their playful nature.

  • Adopting a puppy can save a life.

One of the most important reasons to celebrate National Puppy Day is to raise awareness about the importance of adopting puppies from shelters and rescue organizations. Many puppies end up in shelters or rescue organizations due to circumstances beyond their control. Adopting a puppy not only gives them a loving home but also saves their life.

This National Puppy Day is a day to celebrate and honor our furry friends. Whether you have a puppy of your own or are considering adopting one, take some time to appreciate the joy and love they bring into your life. 

Remember to also support your local animal shelters and rescue organizations by adopting a puppy or donating to their cause. Visit Animal Control and Protective services to learn more about how you can make a difference in the life of a puppy today! 

Happy National Puppy Day!